Dad, about 1966

Well, I’d have a ton of nice photos to share of my father, the spooky house across the street from my parents’, and some artsy-fartsy TTL shots of the family, but the memory card in my Canon up and died this afternoon with a mysterious “Card Format Error” message and the dreaded Yellow Questionmark Of Death. So, you’ll have to settle for some family photos.

My father, sister and I

My Dad is doing very well; when last we left him, he was sitting upright in a chair, surveying the wreckage of his turkey dinner, and waiting for the nurse to decide it was time to move him back to the bed. All signs point to “better”, including his lung capacity, appetite, skin color, and personality. This whole excercise has been nervous-making but he seems to be coming through fine, and we’re hoping it will lead to a serious improvement in quality of life for him. So keep your fingers crossed.


In the meantime, before the memory card blew up, I found a feature of my Canon I hadn’t noticed previously, and started experimenting again with through-the-lens shots with my Duoflex II. The manual focus feature seems to fix on the very closest of the details in the picture plane, while leaving the distant ones blurry. I have to do a lot more experimenting with it to refine the technique.

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