Oh, thank GOD we stuck with Cingular Wireless. I am going to buy myself an iPhone as soon as I can afford one and ditch my thankless Motorola 551, and it will be a Good Day. OSX (Safari on a phone!) Touchscreen dialing, bluetooth, improved contacts, syncing with my Mac and more. I only hope the reception is better than a RAZR. This sounds too good to be true, honestly.

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2 Responses to Apple’s New iPhone

  1. Rob says:

    I will be so JEALOUS!!! Why couldn’t they have just gone with Verizon, which has way better service anyway. Well, guess I’ll just have to come over and borrow your phone every once and awhile. Watcha think?

  2. the idiot says:

    If I can afford to front the money for the phone, I’ll let you play with it all you like, Rob.