Today we woke up late in our own bed with noplace to be and nothing to prepare. After coffee and breakfast down the street, we hit the grocery store to stock up on essentials and the Home Depot for one more piece of wood. On the way home I spied a Scout in the Sunny’s parking lot so I wrote a quick letter and returned to the store to see if the owner was present, found a nice guy who, unfortunately, didn’t want to buy my truck, and came back home to get started on the day.

Jen and I cleaned out the office and the atrium, threw away most of the stuff left over from Penn’s habitation (FIP is contagious, after all) and scrubbed the floors and walls. Then, for the first time in over a year, we opened the office door and let the other cats explore. I’ve been waiting to do that all week, and it felt good.

Downstairs, I’m almost finished with the baseboards. With the exception of one corner, all the cap molding is in place, the toe molding is stained and in place, the walls are cut in, and the electrical is installed. The hallway got cut in, I put the lights back up, and the floor is mopped. Now I start on the fireplace cover so that we can finally button up the wall molding and call the room done.

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