The Directory of Illustration is a huge phonebook-sized tome that ships each year to art directors, ad buyers, and designers. A number of years ago, I started getting calls from a rep there trying to get me to sign up. I knew it would be expensive, and it is—several thousand dollars, with the payment coming due either at Christmastime, tax time, or Easter. As part of my plan to get back into illustration I was thinking about joining the Directory next year, but I just got a call from a rep who told me they now have a payment plan spread out over nine months, which makes the whole thing more affordable and convenient. She’s going to call back on Wednesday to tell me more about it, and I think I may do it.

Which means I have to get back on the horse and get some more sample work done in a hurry.

Date posted: November 6, 2006 | Filed under art/design | Comments Off on Change of Plans.

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