I’m finally undertaking the effort of moving my main web domain from a box hosted by a friend to a commercial server in California. This mirgation, while filling me with a sense of dread (I can’t afford any downtime) will allow for such technologically advance features as FTP access (I’ve been limping along with AFP/Samba, which is cool but slow as shit and unreachable from my PC), multiple subdomains, WebDAV, includes, MySQL, PHP and Perl. Plus, I can migrate over to Mail.app and abandon Eudora on the side of the road like the broke-down ’75 Pacer it is. Sweet zombie Jesus, I’m excited.

Right now I’m making a master backup of the site, which will take an hour or two (there’s a ton of old content there—I don’t even want to look at the old weblog right now) and then I have to push it all live to the new server, then point the DNS over and pray for success.

When things slow down a bit in the future, I’ll add a weblog to the illustration directory, clean up the link rot, set up some web calendars, and have a personalized sandbox for each of my clients to use.

Now, it’s back to the grind.

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