That’s right. There’s not really anything new to report this week, other than working my ass off. The weekend was productive in areas other than the office, though—our yard, which was resembling the craggy face of a man who’s lived in a dumpster for five years, got a shave and a shine, so it looks now like people actually live here. The back lawn got its first mow in four weeks (shrugs shoulders) and the garden got some long-needed attention. I also busted out the arbor saw and trimmed the oak tree back some more, so that the green stuff on the ground that resembles grass actually gets some sunlight and has a chance to grow.

In other unrelated news, we joined a phalanx of geekdom on Saturday morning to line up outside a mall and visit the grand opening of the Columbia Apple Store, which, by MapQuest’s figuring, is only 9.24 miles from our house. Living in a major metropolitan area has its privileges. Dave joined us for the wait, and we entered the store to applause (?!?) and joined the masses filing around looking at pretty hardware. Jen fell in love immediately with the 30″ Cinema display—and who wouldn’t, really—while I peeped the MacBooks for the first time and also got an eyeful of the new 24″ iMac. After some quality ogling time and a brief discussion, we collected our free T-shirts and headed out. On the ride home, I considered the idea of a second job, but Jen reminded me that I don’t have enough time to finish my own work, let alone work retail hours. Still, the idea is strangely appealing….

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5 Responses to The Post Wherein Nothing Actually Happens.

  1. ren says:

    Trust me, it’ll be like me working at my store…you’ll be fascinated for two weeks, and then it all blends together. A discount on computers would be most tasty, though…

  2. the idiot says:

    Maybe. I’d apply for a Genius position or one of the Creative positions, where people come in and ask questions, as opposed to straight retail, which would make the days a little different-It’d be more like solving problems instead of stocking shelves.

  3. Linda says:

    As a retail experiences go, I’ve found that strolling through our Apple store is almost as erotic as the Nordstrom shoe department.

  4. tbtine says:

    This particular store would set your nether regions ablaze then, Linda. I literally stood in the silvery backend of the store staring at the gorgeously designed department icons with my mouth wiiiiiide open and sighed as the electronica thumpthumpthumped over me.

    Ren, unless they open a 24 hour Apple store, all of Bill’s time is already blending together.

    If only we could figure out how to remove the brain’s need for sleep, then world domination would be ours. Bwahahaha!

  5. ren says:

    Yeah, that pesky sleep issue. ‘Tis a problem.