• I haven’t been writing much around here lately. Most of the stuff I’m posting goes over in the interesting links section, because I don’t have enough time to write a full post about something, or I can’t get coherent writing together about whatever it is I’m thinking.
  • Project Runway was halfway surprising last night—basket-hat guy won, which was a big surprise, neck-tattoo guy almost lost (and continued to be a dick—no suprise), and boring barbie-guy got kicked off—again, no suprise.
  • I haven’t been taking too many pictures lately either. Having an office in one’s house and living in the suburbs means you’re taking pictures of your cats or nothing at all.
  • Having a PC laptop with a dead clock battery is kind of like knowing the main character in Memento; just when you’ve fixed the BIOS settings, the clock settings, and rebooted twice, it’s time to go to bed, so you have to shut it down and go through the process all over again because it won’t sleep like a proper computer should (see: Apple.)
  • Looks like I’m heading west again sometime in September. Details to come.
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