If I ever get paid, and actually have money in the bank (gasp), this is a partial list of Stuff I’d Like To Buy:

  • The birthday present I have picked out for my wife
  • Life insurance
  • A pair of dress chinos so that I don’t look like a bumbling hick on our client meeting next week
  • A new pair of dress shoes to replace the 5-year-old Steve Madden knockoffs I currently own
  • A pair of prescription sunglasses to replace the ones I lost in the taxi on the way to our hotel in Rome two years ago
  • A set of iPod headphones to replace the ones I’ve got, which are fraying, cracked, and dynamically mismatched
  • The ability to finally subscribe to satellite radio, putting the unit we’ve had since December to use
  • Extra RAM, a new battery, and a CD-burner for the Thinkpad, which needs to be backed up

Supposedly, there’s a FedEx package on its way with my name on it. If it ever does arrive, I’ll be able to pay 1/2 my upcoming tax bill, the August mortgage, and at least some of my outstanding bills.

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4 Responses to Window Shopping

  1. Linda says:

    Re: the sunglasses, you have a look at Costco. They don’t have the super-fast turnaround like Lens Crafters et al but the price is right. My last prescription was under $100, lenses, frames & all.

  2. the idiot says:

    Unfortunately, we have a subscription to another Big Warehouse Chain, the one owned by the people in Arkansas. I don’t think you can walk into Costco and buy anything without being a member, can you?

  3. Linda says:

    For the most part, that’s true. But I’d suspect The Evil Empire’s rates would be pretty competitive.

  4. the idiot says:

    Possibly. I don’t know what their style selection would be like, though. I’d guess that your zipcode features a much more eclectic selection than mine.