Let’s all wish my sister Renie a warm, wonderful 29th birthday today! Renie, we hope it’s a great day for you.

There’s not much to discuss here in C-Ville, other than the fact that we’re A. totally finished with picnic food for a while (them nitrates will clean you out, and not in a good way) and B. embarking on a Campaign To Eat Healthier, all in the wake of the 4th of July Parade. Being left with 24 hamburger patties on the 5th means we gave the FoodSaver a workout, stocking our freezer for the next year’s worth of grilling. One of the benefits of post-party cleanup is that we still have a sizeable cache of beer in the basement, something that’s been in pretty short supply around here lately.

Also, I finished the V entry for the Alphabet Project this morning, bringing order back from chaos. I’ll make a slight detour to work on an obituary piece to commemorate Ken Lay’s passing, and then return to X later in the week.

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  1. ren says:

    Thanks…it’s been a great day! Thank you both for the flowers, which are gorgeous…x’s and o’s to you both.