Oh, yeah. Pixelpost is very nice. Between projects this morning, and with a few slight hiccups here and there (mainly MySQL-related admin stuff) I got the app up and running smoothly. Within about two minutes I had two images uploaded, commented, and working. The admin interface is a little rudimentary (I’m spoiled by Movable Type) but fully functional and robust. It supports RSS 2.0, and it’s valid XHTML. There’s some spam blocking built in, email notification of new comments and comment authorization, and the application supports both .JPG and .GIF formats. I’m digging around the templates now to see how much I can customize the page layout, but this looks promising. And, there’s a pretty robust community out there.

Addendum: I think I may go back to Movable Type anyway, just because I’m going to be extending the basic layout to have a sideblog with illustration-related content as well as portfolio work. As much as I’m not wanting to wrangle with the complexities of MT again, it’s going to be for the best. Now, I just need to get paid so I can order a new domain and get the ball rolling…

Date posted: July 14, 2006 | Filed under art/design | Comments Off on Photoblog, Part 2.

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