The U entry on the Alphabet Project is live this afternoon, and there are a few minor changes to the presentation. I’m moving further into the caricature end of things, and so what I posted shows the original pencil sketch and the final artwork that resulted. I also added a pencil sketch for Tarantino from last week.

This one didn’t happen as easily as the last few have. I would up cutting it three times—the scale on the first version was too large, and the second suffered from uneven linework. This version is closer to what I have in my head, but isn’t one of the top five. Now, I face the difficult task of finding a subject for V. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Alpha-Bits.

  1. tbtine says:

    I just realized who I’ve been thinking this sketch looked like for the last few days: Leslie Nielsen.

  2. the idiot says:

    Aw, CRAP. it does.