Last week was kind of a blur. Lots of work, business development, and social appointments made for a lean posting schedule and a lack of illustration. Therefore, the R entry for the Alphabet Project is a double shot of scowling people you may recognize.

In other illustration news, I’m slowly working on solutions for the two self-assignments I gave myself last week. One of the mistakes I’ve commonly made in the past has been to use the first concept that came to my head, which has yielded mixed results. I’m taking more time to develop ideas for these two, with the hope that the result will work better as a solution and as an image. The science illustration has come full-circle about three times so far, from literal to abstract and back to literal again, but I think I now have something that will work well for the solution. The book jacket illustration is harder, because the concept is a very difficult thing to portray cleanly and simply. I’m at the point where I have to pare down the idea to something that won’t reflect the entire complexity of the book, which makes things more difficult and easier at the same time.

On today’s agenda: Setting the camera up on the tripod and taking some reference shots in the living room for illustration 1.

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