Philco 48-250

This is one of a series of radios I rescued from a long-forgotten store in Fells Point called John’s Antiques. At the time they had a cavernous second floor filled with piles of old merchandise, arranged in some kind of organized fashion to be liquidated. I found, in a back room, a pile of radios covered in dust, and arranged to buy the best of the lot with the money I had. As I recall, there were three versions of this model, and I bought two because they were $20/apiece. This one cleaned up very well and has an excellent tone—warm and rich. Even though it seems to be a common design and plentiful on the market, I like this model’s lines because they remind me of an Alco FB-1, a common diesel train engine of that time.

Here’s a link to the wiring diagram, scanned into PDF format by a very thorough fellow.

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