We had a meeting here.

30 Rock

With people who work here.


Then, we had a day to ourselves and went here.

MoMA interior

When we got home, we celebrated with these.

Trip's End

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Big City

Toto, we ain’t in Bawltymore anymore. This hotel is pretty sweet.

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Awesome Kids’ Clothes.
Man, these are some awesome clothes. Makes me wish I was 9 and had cool parents like me. I want the Cult LRM shirt. (Thanks, Mat uh YOW ski!)

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Instant real estate evaluations, based on some proprietary calculations and public data. Yikes! (via)

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Agfa Pioneer

Things around Idiot Central have been exceptionally busy this past week; we’re doing a lot of running, planning, and (hopefully) lining up some good things for the future. I’m not going to have much time to write this week, nor will there be an addition to the Alphabet Project (even though the letter T lends itself to many willing and able participants). But I’ll try to post pretty pictures in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled.

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I’m going to be subscribing to this next month, I believe. Does anybody else have experience with it?

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Emerson 550

This set is another recent acquisition (read: the last five years) but I don’t recall the circumstances or price. I liked it because it had Emerson lines but more refinements than some of the other, clunkier wooden sets I’ve seen. I haven’t done a whole lot of research on the model, so I don’t know much about it. The veneer is in good shape, the tubes are all present, and the cord is in reasonably good shape, so I hope it won’t be too hard to clean up, eventually. Knobs also seem to be pretty easy to find, thankfully.

About twelve years ago, I saw one of these Emerson sets in a junk store in Fell’s Point for somewhere around $150, and I didn’t buy it (I was dirt-poor at the time.) I wish I’d been able to afford it then, because I’m sure it’s worth ten times that amount now. I think I’d probably give an eyetooth for one of these.

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Cut Copy, Bright Like Neon Love.
I have “Saturdays” going through my head on infinite loop.

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This has been a pretty damn good week for the Lockardugan Design Collective. Superstitious fool that I am, I won’t jinx it too much, but I will pass along the news that a piece Jen designed won a Gold Addy (the American Advertising Federation‘s award for creative design) last night at the Baltimore Regional awards; if I remember correctly, it gets kicked upstairs to the National Addys next. Congratulations, baby.

(Because they suck, there is no listing of winners online as of 10:15 this morning.)

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I Thought I Had A Lot Of Macs.
DAMN. They have me beat by, well, a thousand or so.

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