Well, it’s snowing like a sonofabitch up here in New York State. Originally my plan was to get on the road tomorrow morning, but I may be delayed on account of weather. In the last hour or so, half of Lake Erie just fell on my parents’ backyard in the form of fluffy white powder. My black Jeep is a gray smudge in the parking lot up back. At least there’s cold beer in the basement.


While I’ve been up here, I’ve had some technical difficulties. If you’ve been trying to email my alter ego, it looks like the server shat the bed, so I’d use the idiotking address listed on the right there until further notice.

In local CNY news, a guy who owns a “massage therapy studio” here in my parents’ town just got popped for pouring his own poop down a floor drain in the Men’s bathroom of the county courthouse. Repeatedly. It seems this crackpot individual, who is arguably not dealing with a full deck, has been doing this for some time. He lives in a permanently beached sailboat north of town, and writes long rambling letters to the editor of the local paper about matters random and bizarre. The town has apparently been giggling over this incident, and the aforementioned editor pointed out a few troubling questions: Why not dump it in the woods surrounding your house? Why not use the toilet instead of the floor drain? and most importantly, why carry it in an ice chest (the reason somebody finally noticed and called the cops)? An amusing postscript to the story is that the local sheriff’s last name is Outhouse.

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