This weekend saw the addition of a new color to the Lockardugan palette, and the beginning of a shop class project.

Living Room wall-before 1

Living Room wall-after 1

All of the baseboards have been pulled out (with the exception of the one behind the radiator) and walls have been patched. At some point I’ll get the time to run wiring and fabricate new baseboards (and we’ll get the money to have them hooked up), and we can close up the walls. In the meantime, I started building a frame around our shitty looking fireplace and tacking up cardboard to block out how large the cover will be.

Fireplace template

I’m going to follow the pseudo-Federalist/Colonial woodworking in the rest of the house and keep the cover as simple as possible. When it’s done, the exposed brick will get painted with hi-temp flat black and the wood will get painted with the gloss white we have on the rest of the woodwork.

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