Between backing up Jen on a large design job (suffering computer issues that warranted the purchase of a new Core Duo Mac Mini on Wednesday) and various other jobs for my clients, this week slipped past rather quickly. However, I spent part of this afternoon and the majority of the evening working on the Q entry for the Alphabet Project. I also collected a small but tardy invoice from last December, which will hopefully go towards an upgrade of my 1999-vintage PC. I’m looking at a refurbed Dell from a local vendor, trying to save a couple hundred bucks for a business class machine, but my father’s experience with his Dell has me wondering what vendor is best. What do you folks out there recommend?

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  1. dave says:

    I enjoy admiring the detail in the b/w version, but your color choices were inspired. If I were not so young, it would take me back to the sixties. 😉