Yesterday we got two solid hours of Grampy’s time on tape. He went to mass in the morning, so we got about a half-hour in before lunch and another half-hour afterwards, making our way through the envelope marked “the 60’s”. I left so that he could take his nap and returned to the house with a pile of photos to scan, most of which I got done. We headed back up at 3:30 to continue with both envelopes from the 70’s, and as a bonus, we got about fifteen minutes of Grampy talking to my Dad about his parents and grandparents.


I’m heading back over today to talk about the balance of the photos, which consist mainly of the 80’s and anything else we didn’t get to. I’m going to try to power through that relatively quickly, and then get back to just talking with Grampy about anything pre-1950 I can think of while the tape is rolling. Then, one more evening of scanning, and we’ll call this expedition done.

Fuck, I missed Lost last night. What happened?

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4 Responses to Family History, Day Four.

  1. Linda says:

    Are y’all just talking family stuff, or are you asking him about world events & whatnot as well?

  2. Linda says:

    And did you already know that you can download ‘Lost’ from iTunes? I reckon it wouldn’t be too bad watching it on a large/good-enough monitor, which I suspect yours are. Last night’s episode was pretty huge.

  3. tbtine says:

    Yeah, you missed out major last night. I’ll fill you in later if you still need it filled in.

    That photo looks like Renie, who is it? Side note: if we procreate, I fear for my vaginal canal. We got craniums GA-lore in our gene pools.

  4. the idiot says:

    Yeah, I’ll need the debriefing. That’s my grandmother in the picture-I have the date somewhere, but can’t find it right now.