We just finished the first season of Six Feet Under last night. Apparently, this show came out in, like, 1999 or 2000 or something, and totally flew right over our heads. It could be that we don’t have HBO and that I waited three years too long to open up a Netflix account, or it could be that I’m just a cheap bastard. Whatever the case, we love the series (or, at least, the first season of it.) I think that the first episode kind of took us by surprise, and then we were immediately hooked. Now, I’ve heard varying reviews of the next couple of seasons (and don’t go telling us what happens, people), and I think we’re looking forward to Season 2, but we’ve decided to take a break on it and switch over to something different. Like Trainspotting. And then, Shaun of the Dead.

We made it through the Baltimore Blizzard just fine, although heading out to see Miss Lis at Molly’s did not happen—my apologies, Lis. There’s about 12″ of fresh snow down here in Catonsville, and for whatever reason shovelling it yesterday was a lot easier than the last snowfall we had—the last snowfall was that dry blustery kind that just blows all over the place, whereas this was the kind of snow that made big white drifts stick to the side of the house. I decided that cookies were in order if we were getting snowed in, and made them better than last time (something about packing the brown sugar.) The neighbor’s son came out and helped me clear the driveway with his snowblower, and breathed whisky fumes downwind to me while we chatted. It’s good to see some things don’t change.


Finally, I inherited another iMac last week, this one a slot-loading model (the date stamped on the CD-ROM is October 1999), and slapped a 120GB drive into it on Saturday. Most of Sunday was spent watching HGTV and a freaky Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Duvall (WTF??!?!) and loading my backup music files onto the machine. Purple, the old reliable warhorse I’ve dragged from home to work and back again, will be retired, and the new Bondi Blue machine will take its place.

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