Imagine if Suitcase loaded all your fonts and didn’t crash? Imagine if it didn’t take fifteen minutes to preview one single font face? Imagine if it was able not to crash when loading a corrupted font (or if it featured smart enough logic to prevent loading a corrupted font in the first place?) You’d have Font Explorer X.

Add in a vastly better UI, an ability to buy fonts a la the Apple Music Store (if you can use iTunes, this will be very familiar to you, but the available selection for sale is currently very slim), and stability, simple basic stability, and you have a killer font app. This software is beta, so caveat emptor. I have a library of 5600+ fonts, and Font Explorer X handles them all like a charm.

Goodbye, Suitcase. It’s been great knowing you, but it’s time to move on. Don’t call me-I’ll call you.

Date posted: January 25, 2006 | Filed under art/design | Comments Off on Font Explorer X Follow-up.

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