Yesterday I went on my second network consulting gig in a week (word must get around or something) in which I undid the evil wrought upon a design firm by a ‘professional’ consulting firm. I use the term professional in the loosest sense, because I don’t actually advertise my services, and the job the ‘professionals’ did was so abyssmal that I wonder how they stay in business. (Setting up two routers on the same network to provide DHCP addresses? Bad move. Assigning both routers the same IP address? Idiotic. I thought they taught the kids better at ITT tech.) Four hours later, I had the whole thing sorted out and left the studio running smoothly, for a fraction of the professional rate.

Not that I want to drive around in one of those stupid Volkswagens with a sticker on the side, but I could he happy doing Mac tech support as a side gig…

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