Music Will Come Across Phone Lines

Yesterday Jen and I took a drive down to the Jessup area, past the prison(s) and stopped at a nondescript warehouse in the middle of nowhere. The State of Maryland takes all their old stuff there and sells it off to folks that might have use for it. What use someone would have for thirty identical 14.4K modems I have no idea; It’s entirely up to the buyer. They did have some cool stuff—16MM projectors (about six of them), a quartet of barber’s chairs, office furniture circa 1970, ancient sewing machines, and fields of file cabinets.

Todd and I have been down there a couple of times, and sometimes there’s interesting stuff to be had, but yesterday nothing really caught our eye. I guess it’s sort of like a flea market—some days it’s hot, and some days it’s not.

On today’s to-do list: I’m going to head over to the local library and see iff I can dig up anything about our house, the families that lived here, or the neighborhood I live in. I’d love to find some pictures of the house in earlier days to compare it with.

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  1. dlc says:

    Didn’t Al have a book about the history of Catonsville? Your home may be “too new” to have beend included.