So apparently Bush had his little speech today. We heard it on NPR on our way home.

Bush Says U.S. Spy Program Is Legal and Essential. “Do I have the legal authority to do this?” he asked rhetorically. “And the answer is, absolutely.” Hmm. Last time I recalled, you didn’t have the right to yank away my civil liberties, goddammit. Oh, but your buddy the Attorney General has figured out a way to do that—when he wasn’t finding a legal way to let you off the hook for torturing prisoners of war.

How about those poor fucks in Cuba—the ones who’ve been there for three years without a hearing, counsel, or trial? How safe do you feel now, America? How’s that War On Terror going? Remind yourselves how safe you feel when they start asking for our papers every time we cross the state border, and hauling your friends away in the middle of the night.

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