Thanksgiving 2005 at the Lockardugan house went over exceptionally well. With the aid of a New And Improved! kitchen, preparation of the bird went much easier. Along with my family, we invited some friends from the neighborhood (and my old job) to join us, so we had the patter of little feet in the house to make the place cheerier. The bird made it on the table a few hours late (I’m still getting the hang of this new stove) but I think everybody had a great time. I’d like to post pictures of the day, but I didn’t have the time or presence of mind to touch my camera.

Friday we took a field trip to a few places I’d read about but never been to before: Second Chance, an architectural salvage warehouse, and Housewerks, another (smaller) warehouse with one-of-a-kind architectural elements. Second Chance is an old home enthusiast’s wet dream. More wooden doors than a person can shake a stick at; fields of cast-iron bathtubs; hinges, porcelain tile, sinks, and shutters; and a whole warehouse with overstocked new/used building materials (windows, cabinets, etc.) Housewerks is located in an old gasworks building I’d been to 10 years ago in its previous life as a photographer’s studio. Think of old signage, wooden gears, carnival canvas, stained glass, and other unique finds from all over the country, and you get the idea. (The kind of stuff you can’t fit in a house like ours, but would go great in a loft/warehouse-style apartment.) It kind of sucked not having any money to spend, but I’m positive we’ll return there when we do.

We then saw the new Harry Potter movie, which I’d give four stars out of five. I’ve not read the two books, but it was fun entertainment—just don’t go hoping to see some of the details in the books fleshed out (I’m told they cut a lot of it out.) They’d better hurry up and film the rest of them before the kid who plays Harry hits middle age.

We got the two train nuts together for a trip to the B&O Museum on Sunday, which turned out to be a fun afternoon. My Dad spent his childhood blocks away from a major switching yard in Jersey City, and much of the freight going west through Pennsylvania went through Jen’s father’s town, so they wandered the yards and asked the old-timers about engines and steam and cars they’d grown up looking at. The Museum has done a lot of work in the last year, adding new cars, opening the work shed, and updating exhibits—it’s great to see. Meanwhile, my mother and sister launched a full assault on the local Kohl’s and Target, and filled the back of the car with Christmas presents.

This morning, they stuffed the car and headed home into the overcast skies. I always get a bit down after Thanksgiving, because of the build-up and excitement of the weekend, and this year is no different. This year I also have to come back to reality and figure out where the mortgage payment is coming from, which is why I’m writing this and putting off what I should be doing.

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  1. ren says:

    It was a great, peaceful, wonderful weekend. You and Jen have made a beautiful home and I so enjoy spending time there. I wish I hadn’t had so much work to do, but I still enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thank you both again–it was terrific.