Counters are in. Holy Mary, Mother of God, it’s almost finished.

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7 Responses to Houseporn.

  1. Dude, can I hump your oven?

  2. ren says:

    LOVE the countertops. So tasty.

  3. siana says:

    I love the color of those cabinets. What type of wood are they? Are they stained?

  4. the idiot says:

    Snay, you have to wait until we’ve had our way with it. Siana, it’s burgundy-stained maple. We were originally going with “cherry”, which actually turned out to be a shade of brown. We opted for this instead. The granite is called bianco romano- the dark little spots you see are a shade of red that closely matches the cabinets.

  5. linds says:


  6. linds says:


  7. I get sloppy-seconds? No thanks!

    (Seriously – sexy damn oven, that).