I’m taking a break from wrestling with Illustrator 10 this morning. Often I find that Adobe adds all kinds of ‘features’ into their products that don’t act the same way they did in previous versions; right now the Free Distort effect is not behaving the way a mature 10-year-old should, in my opinion.

It’s been pretty quiet in my corner of the Web lately; that’s not because I don’t want to write, but because I’m exceptionally busy these days. I wish that activity was correlating into income, but sadly, it’s not. I’m making some cash, but it’s not the kind that will keep the mortgage, health insurance, and grocery bills paid.

Instead, I’ve been rocking out in the kitchen, getting the finish touches down—all the stuff that usually takes the longest. I’ve also moved out into the dining room, to finally finish the baseboards off, and try to dress the front window up as much as I can. I’ll refer you to this entry for more information and some pictures in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, we’ve been keeping busy with friends and other activities. Dave C. stopped over to haul away two (!?!) truckloads of debris from a year’s worth of rehabbing last weekend. Dave, I didn’t follow up last week on the final trip to the dump, but I hope everything went well. Thanks! You’ll be happy to know I filled that empty space on the garage floor with…more debris. I’ll haul it away this time.

We’ve been getting used to the new kitchen slowly. The user guides for each of our appliances are thick, like manuals for the Space Shuttle, which makes heating coffee a technological challenge. We’ve figured out how to turn off the beeping that accompanies every keypad entry, which is nice. We’ve also found that the microwave cooks the shit out of anything you put in there in about five seconds. It’s actually kind of frightening.

On Sunday Jen busted out all the china and various boxes of stuff marked “KITCHEN” that we threw in the basement and never opened when we moved. It was interesting to see all kinds of stuff I’d forgotten we owned, and better still to have it up in the cabinets looking purty. The decision to have glass doors installed was smart.

Overall, we’ve taken a room that we used to feel uncomfortable in, embarassed by, and annoyed with, and made it into a room that we enjoy spending time in. I often find myself standing in the middle and staring off into space (possibly beacuse I’m contemplating the interest payments) but also because it’s just better to be in there.

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