I’d have to say the last four days have been as busy as we’ve ever been, and I guess that’s a very good thing. Instead of sitting around drinking beer and listening to blues records in my underwear, I’ve been keeping busy with updates to my portfolio site, getting in touch with contacts in the outside world, juggling the housing demolition with finishing up the upstairs rooms, and trying to stay sane. I have a table full of lists, lists of lists, piles of paper, reciepts, and ideas, and I don’t feel like I’ve been able to begin anything yet.

It’s too early to have any kind of set schedule at this point (especially as the rest of the house is in total chaos) but my plan is to start doing weekly illustration again, for real, and have a portfolio of new work built by the end of the year. Sometime in early 2006 I’d like to buy some pages in the big directories and try to solicit work. I’ll be posting new work on my portfolio site weekly starting next Monday (If I can move my fingers after sanding the floor in the kitchen), so keep an eye out for me.


Speaking of, follow the link to a series of pictures of our bombed-out kitchen. We’re now washing our dishes in the bathtub. Whoopee!

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5 Responses to There’s A Hole Where My Kitchen Used To Be.

  1. Linda says:

    … sitting around drinking beer and listening to blues records in my underwear …

    How about your leather pants?

  2. the idiot says:

    YEAH BABY. Those are some rockin’ leather pants there. Unfortunately, the green of the pants doesn’t match the disgusting pink of the kitchen, so I won’t be able to purchase them.


  3. Linda says:

    And you read the seller’s story, right?

  4. the idiot says:

    Yeah, I laughed my head off. Thanks for that one.

  5. ren says:

    Wow. Ee. About the leather pants, I mean. I never thought you’d part with them. The kitchen? Feh. (Seriously…great progress!!)