Back End

My good friend Rob took me on a boat ride Sunday, on his ’68 Donzi. It’s a sexy little fiberglas speedboat with minimal styling and a LARGE engine. We crusied through the no-wake zone for a while, sipping coffee to the rumble of the engine behind us, until we got out to the open channel, and he opened up the throttle. It’s a fast enough boat that you feel like you’re on the edge of control, depending on the skill of the driver and the height of the waves—thankfully, the boatbuilder put an “oh-shit” handle in front of the passenger seat, because there’s no windshield and little else to hang onto. We zipped past the cabin cruisers and sailboats, out to Gibson Island, and turned for home in the flat wake of a passing boat. All in all, it was an excellent way to spend a warm October morning. Thanks, Rob!

Date posted: October 3, 2005 | Filed under life | Comments Off on Donzi

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