This weekend, Jen and I did something we usually never do—I took her to a real movie theater, and we saw Corpse Bride with other real live human beings. The real live people didn’t disappoint us either. We were four seats down from a group of loud, annoying high school kids who thought it was fun to throw M&M’s at each other, play games on their cellphone, and talk loudly during a nine-dollar movie. The movie itself was great, although it could have used (in my opinion) about five more minutes of exposition.

Saturday morning we met up with my old friend Jeff from New York, and his girlfriend Katie, for brunch at the Golden West. Due to the Race For The Cure clogging downtown traffic, it took us longer than anticipated to get into the city for pickup, but once we got into Hampden, things were better. It was great to catch up with Jeff, and we made tentative plans to have them back down for a visit in the future.

Saturday evening, we ventured back into the city again for an art opening at the Shinola gallery for our old pal Logan, who’s in town for a week or so. We picked up Rob and his wife and made our way to the wrong address on the wrong street (my fault) then followed a couple to the wrong address on the right street (Logan’s fault) and finally to the gallery door. It was great to see Logan again (Our visit was a surprise) and catch up with him; he’s been doing very well in L.A. and his art has come a long way. I also ran into a few other folks from the scene, including the daughter of an old friend and a few people from the MICA scene back in the day.

After the show, the four of us retired to the Brewer’s Art for a cocktail and some food, and we were able to score one of the tables by the window on the top floor. There’s nothing more cosmopolitan for a country mouse like me than to sip a vodka tonic among the hip and beautiful, if only for an evening.

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