Y’know, There’s something pretty cool about being able to wake up, make coffee, and walk aross the hall to the guest room to have a two-hour concept meeting with your wife. Especially when you like working with your wife.

I posted an update to the houseblog about kitchen progress this morning—I’ll follow it up with some pictures later in the day. I’m going to do some freelance logo work, and then run out to rent a floor sander to take advantage of the 75°weather.

How’s everybody doing out there?

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4 Responses to A Quick One

  1. molly says:

    chained to my computer and wishing for the highways and byways in my convertible.

  2. tbtine says:

    me too, molly, ‘cept’n I’m wishing to be outside doing yard work. what a beautiful day.

  3. dlc says:

    Well, I got out of the 1-5 meeting at 6 (it’s always the meeting-after-the-meeting, you know)and now I’m much like Molly, chained to my desk and cranking in the changes–or is that “chain-ges”?–before tomorrow. Missing you guys.

  4. the idiot says:

    Ah, for the love of my convertible, rusting in the driveway.