This is the best commentary I’ve heard so far from anybody, and I think it should be reprinted everywhere. (via)

Wow. Right on.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Bill (Sorry, I don’t have your email):

    This is on an unrelated subject. Since you are a computer guru I thought I’d ask you…have you heard anything about Deluo accessories? In particular, I am needing a serial to USB adapter for writing from my steno machine to my realtime software on my computer. It was working fine, I have a serial port with an adapter that hooked in to my “comport, 9pin”. (Excuse me, I’m retarded w/computer phrases). Anyways, for the last week my writer has not been able to be recognized by my software. Well last night we figured out that my comport(serial) is bad. Okay, so we go to Circuit City and buy a Belkin serial to USB adapter. Cory hooked it up and it (pardon my french) sucks! The delay is awful and there is no way with writing 180 wpm that it will work in a timely fashion for me to be able to do homework. So tech support said something about getting a “deluo” or a “iogear”. Well I just ordered a “deluo” and hope it works, but if not I’m sending it back. Just wanted to know if you had any experience with either of these brands. I need something that has a limited delay. I will be in a 225 wpm class next semester, and will be attempting to tran at approx. 240 wpm, which is super fast. It’d take the Belkin 2 hours to transmit it after I’m done w/a 5 min. take! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Linda says:

    We can always count on The Daily Show to put things in the proper perspective. Jon Stewart for President.