My iBook made it all the way from Suzhou, China to my doorstep last night, courtesy of our friend Sara and her educational discount. It’s white, it smells like new fresh plastic, and it looks beautiful. I booted it up, it walked me through the migration process (Firewire Target Disk Mode is awesome), and within about 45 minutes I was pulling email down from my server on a familiar desktop, where all my files and contact information were in their rightful, normal place. The iBook sync’ed up with my phone in five minutes. That’s about the best result anybody could ever hope for.

However, an attempted upgrade to Movabletype 3.2 didn’t go as well as planned. Hopefully everything is functioning normally again as of 12:30PM after a cleanup of my cgi directory; I’m going to have to follow some better directions than the ones supplied by Sixapart and do the whole thing over again.

Date posted: September 8, 2005 | Filed under geek | Comments Off on One Up, One Down.

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