How cool is it that the new version of iPhoto handles movies? I always wondered why it didn’t recognize them as viable media, and I was always worried I’d erase movies that it didn’t copy over. Nice. (It’s also about 300% faster on this machine.)

Widgets: Sweet.

Apple; THANK YOU for getting rid of those dropped off the network. And THANK YOU for fixing/modifying Windows logins to recognize my Keychain. Not having to enter a password every time I mount a shared drive: Priceless.

Built-in Superdrive (CD/DVD-writer combination): Sweet.

The screen on this machine is easily twice as bright as the screen on my Pismo. That could be from age, or damage, or the fact that the technology is just better. And the keyboard feel is wonderful.

I’m happy to bid adieu to the old hockey-puck power adapter.

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