This weekend Jen and I ventured up to the Towson mall to get replacements for our glasses, which were responsible for seven of the last ten Richter-scale headaches recorded in the greater Baltimore area this summer. Jen has an inner ear more sensitive than a baby’s bottom, and she’s been fighting the urge to puke for about the last three weeks now. Repeated adjustments to her frames have left them bent and her eyes completely fucked up.

My own glasses have been a travesty for longer than I care to admit. Two years ago, I paid top dollar for Ray-Ban frames, and the plastic on them has been delaminating and flaking off for the last year. The expensive lenses have gotten increasingly cloudy and hazed over; when I put on the new glasses, I felt like I’d just had sucessful cataract surgery. The new frames are much the same as the old ones, although they’re a different manufacturer and not tortoise-shell. Jen found a pair of frames that have highlights of gold and blue which accent her eyes and skin tone perfectly. She’s still on the fence about the prescription, but she sure does look durn pretty.

While we waited for the lenses to be cut, we ventured over to the Apple store to lay hands on a Nano, which is about the most beautiful little piece of hardware I’ve ever seen. Apparently there are some issues about scratching screens, but overall it’s very sexy. I also looked at the larger hardware, and realized that I’m better off waiting to pick up a 17″ or 20″ iMac than spending money on a Mini and another monitor—I wasn’t aware that iMacs had full-size harddrives, which is crucial to our home upgrading plans. So I’ll have to wait out a few more checks for that to happen. (a 20″ model with a gig of RAM is roughly $2K.)

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6 Responses to Do You See The Light?

  1. Going to Towson Town Center on Saturday is a mistake.

  2. the idiot says:

    True, but lousy glasses call for desperate measures.

  3. Gouge your eyeballs out with a fork!!!!!

  4. Linda says:

    I lost a lens a few weeks ago, which I reckon is the universe reminding me that I’m long overdue for an updated perscription. I’ve been putting it off, but the splitting friggin’ headaches I have by the end of most every day are forcing me to face the sad truth. Totally not looking forward to spending that $$$.

  5. the idiot says:

    *cough* $600 for two pairs of glasses *cough*

    If our offspring wind up with the same genetic flaws in vision we did (and the deck is stacked mightily against them), we’re going to have to turn ourselves out for tricks a lot earlier than we planned. “Mommy and Daddy can’t buy you new glasses because Daddy got picked up for solicitation last night, pumpkin.”

  6. Linda says:

    I hope that when the time comes, you earn more for a tug job than Terry does.