Two years ago, only a few scant weeks after Jen and I moved into an old, creaky house surrounded by old, creaky trees, hurricane Isabel flew through our neighborhood and knocked out the power. The two of us hunkered down on our mattress in the living room (this was before we’d accomplished anything upstairs) and and waited out the storm by candlelight, hoping we wouldn’t wake up in bed with the neighbor’s car. It turned out alright, though a family down the street had their house crushed by a tree (and almost wound up getting crushed themselves.)

I suppose, since there were dire predicitions of disaster earlier this year, that I got a little callous with Katrina. I also figure because I wasn’t watching as much TV this past week, I wasn’t getting the breathless “Storm Warning Updates” by the chuckleheads on our local newscasts. I was dimly aware of the hurricane and its aftermath, but it was only last night, sitting in front of CNN and watching footage of the disaster, that I really understood how fucked up the Gulf Coast actually is. Jen and I talked about making a donation to the Red Cross (which is apparently the best thing to do right now-they can’t handle canned goods or delivering supplies just yet) and we’ll get some money out to them in the next day or so.

My heart goes out to the folks in Louisiana and Georgia. God bless, and good luck.

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5 Responses to Because I Feel Like I Gotta Say Something.

  1. molly says:

    It is truely horrific, yes? And in these instances, such as 9/11, I send checks to the Red Cross. I trust them to deliver.

  2. Miss Julie says:

    So, if I’m reading this right, what you’re really saying is poor Georgia and Louisiana, but Mississippi be damned…

    You might say this is a bad time for a bad joke, what with all those people suffering so horribly, but how else can we deal with such incomprehensible tragedy without irony and sarcasm?

  3. the idiot says:

    Um, no, I’m talking about all the folks down there who got wiped out in the hurricane; I forgot to add Mississippi in the list. I honestly wouldn’t presume to be that callous and insensitive (hence my using the term Gulf Coast in the previous sentence).

    And when did I ever put a moratorium on humor and sarcasm?

  4. tbtine says:

    Miss Julie, if you’re going to be that picky, you forgot to mention Alabama.

  5. Miss Julie says:

    No, I just don’t care about Alabama…