This weekend, I installed a cieling fan in the bedroom, and that was about it. Seriously, that’s about all we got accomplished this weekend. It was so friggin’ hot, Jen and I just tried to find the coolest places in the area and go there to stand around without melting. We’re looking for a table to go in the hallway to put keys and wallets and stuff on, as well as a couple of lights, and our tastes are pretty specific. (long, uncomplicated, with a shelf along the bottom, in a medium stain and good quality wood.) IKEA was about a 9 on a 10 scale of cool, although we didn’t buy anything worth noting. The Towson Mall was an 11, and we couldn’t find anything we liked there either (altough Jen found a $20 bag that fits her portfolio perfectly and matches the color of her business card). The Columbia Mall was a 10, and Restoration Hardware had bupkis as well—they seem to be all over the bed linens these days.

I also took Jen up into the cornfields of Pennsylvania to look at a ’67 Scout, which was in better shape than any other truck I’ve seen in the last five years, but not quite good enough. Jen helpfully pointed out that a new fiberglas tub for the truck I’ve got would be cheaper than this truck, and her logic made plenty of sense.

A Sunday inspection of the antique shops in Hunt Valley also found nothing, besides hit-or-miss air conditioning and very fancy furniture (too fancy for us.) We finished off our search at the new digs of Home Anthology, where we didn’t find the table we wanted, but had to walk away from fifteen other things that looked real pretty. We returned home to hole up in our bedroom with a copy of The Incredibles on DVD and plenty of cold water.

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