This morning, my powerbook didn’t wake up from sleep. Hitting the Power button didn’t restart it either. I popped the keyboard up to see if anything was whirring inside (It’s had the strange habit sometimes of waking from sleep but not sending power to the screen, easily remedied by closing the lid and waiting for it to go to sleep again) and got a lovely whiff of burning hot electronic components. Thinking the old girl had finally given up the ghost, I began to panic, realize I had no current backup strategy for my email. Before completely freaking out, though, I pulled the battery and replaced it with one of the spares on my desk, and tried the power button. Thankfully, the Mac startup chime rang out and disaster was averted.

Given the fact that I’m planning on that new iBook next week, though, I think she’s trying to send me a signal.

Date posted: August 26, 2005 | Filed under geek | Comments Off on – Whew –

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