Drove to Hampstead and looked at some kitchen stuff this weekend. Pretty pretty cabinets. (Struggle To Resist Self Immolation Moment: standing in the stupid K-mart buying paint, on line behind two annoying, slow, rude women yelling into a cellphone, while the Carpenters sang Top of The World.) Came home and painted, painted painted. Succumbed to temptation and watched Sideways on DVD. Good movie, uncomfortable-making. Sunday spent shopping. Hunt for discounted grill at Target thwarted by policy of not holding items between stores: drove to local store, then to store on other side of beltway to be told the last grill was sold 25 minutes prior to arrival. Gave up, shopped for Cauzzis. Visited with babies, changed diapers, huffed baby smell. Yummy fresh baby smell. Returned home, scared up dinner, attempted resurrection of backup drive: “Bad boot sectors found”. Up until 1PM freelancing, working computer mojo to no avail.

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