Really, I’d like to write something more involved, but things are pretty busy around Idiot Central these days. As you may have gathered from the inconsistent Ireland trip reports, I’m a little backed up right now. Professionally, I’m busier than perhaps I’ve ever been (when measured in the sheer number of open projects—however, the Sky Pilot has seen to it that certain things ebb and flow with a rhythm that makes each one a priority at a different time. Of course, now I’ve just jinxed myself) and personally, Jen and I are just as busy. I can also see that a recent post made in the heat of the moment to a certain telecommunications company seemed to strike a nerve with the audience here.

I got a stack of new music from my friend Dave; The latest New Order album is a CD full of suck, further proving that Pitchfork, while a reliable guage of new music, is not infallible (and quite often crap). The latest Audioslave album is pretty underwhelming, as were the singles I heard from the debut album. It seems to me that Chris Cornell is a singer waiting for another folk/blues rock band, and the RAtM guys are waiting for another pissed-off screamer. They are a band built for power, not for the slow introspective stuff, although they’re competent enough. It reminds me of when Dave Navarro joined the Chili Peppers—they were two tastes that didn’t taste great together. Also: this review was worthless, you stupid, pretentious emo prick. Next up: New Sleater-Kinney, Motörhead, American Music Club, and CKY. I’ll let you know how the ROCK sounds.

I finally pulled about 2 gigs of crap off the Powerbook here last night and archived it to DVD, and she seems to be running a bit faster now. Perhaps only having 1.2 gigs free for a swapdisk wasn’t that advisable after all. (Where did all that crap come from, anyway?)

Parakeet 2

Here’s a shot of our resident celebrity, the wild Catonsville parakeet. He sat on the branch and clucked and sang while I got about ten feet away and shot his picture. Obviously he’s comfortable around people. Meanwhile, his gang of birds cleans us out of at least a feederful of seed every day. I think we’ve created a monster here…

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