…because, chances are, where you are it’s just as fucking hot as it is here in Maryland.

I don’t really have much to write about today; it was a quiet weekend of laying low and getting stuff done, so there are no stories about plane rides or rock concerts or commando raids or celebrity sightings. There was a lot of nose-to-the-grindstone freelance work happening, and Jen got her portfolio pretty much finished (it looks beautiful) as well as three boxes of business cards (thanks Shelly!), so there’s some serious forward progress happening.

I will say that I’d have to formally extend my recommendation for the Sleep Number bed, based on our experience over the last two weeks. We’ve slept heavily, peacefully, and fitfully—something I never would have imagined possible six months ago. (That is, not both of us, at the same time. In. The. Same. Bed.) We’re still sorting out some of the minor issues unrelated to the bed itself (the air conditioner that seems to spit water at us from outside, which is unpleasant, and the lighting situation) but overall, we’re digging on the new arrangement.

(I’d post some weekend photos here, but they’re on the CF card sitting on my desk at home.)

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One Response to This Is The Post Where I Don’t Talk About The Weather.

  1. ren says:

    …er, no, it’s fucking HOTTER. You whine about the cold here in the winter, now I’m-a gonna whine about the heat here in the summer. We walruses are just not built for this.

    I have 35 windows in the garage, but you’re going to have to share with me, Dad, Tim, and Christine. I’ll have a few more tomorrow.