The thrills just keep coming from Idiot Central, folks. It’s getting sort of pitiful, really. There’s nothing to report on with the house, because, well, nothing has been done to the house since we paid somebody to do it. The garden is growing despite our best efforts to ignore and kill it. You might say it’s a victim of its own success, really. There’s an eggplant about the size of my fist, a green pepper begging to be used in a Cuban recipe this weekend, and several new tomatoes starting on the vines. Our grapes are filling out and haven’t been carried off by the birds yet.

Looking at my weblog entries from last July, it’s obvious we were very busy. For my part, I was fixing the pantry, buying/donating a car, building a DVD presentation of our trip to Rome, finishing the thank-you cards from the wedding, attending studio drawing class, finishing up the first phases of a website redesign, and working on the linen closet. I think I may have been painting the house by this point as well. Shit, just reading about all that stuff makes me tired. What the hell have I accomplished this July? Nothing. There’s freelance work, sure, but for whatever reason right now it feels like all I do is freelance work and I still don’t have enough money to buy a proper pair of sunglasses.

Meanwhile, my dream Scout is for sale in fucking Seattle. If I had the Scout kitty available, I could fly out there, pay for the truck, and afford the drive home, but it’s just not happening. We live on the wrong coast.

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