Today is one of those days I wake up with a random song stuck in my head, courtesy of an overactive subconscious. This happens to me on an average of about 4 days every week, and it gets annoying quickly, as the songs are usually bad ones. This morning’s Soundtrack of Doom: “Philadelphia Fever” by Elton John.

The Fourth of July party was successful this year; Jen and I worked hard to get the house ready for visitors, make food, and stop to enjoy ourselves. Friday we put off the inevitable one more day and I took my bride to see Episode III, which we both enjoyed. Saturday and Sunday we moved furniture back into the living room (for what felt like the 15th time), organized all the piles of stuff that had been thrown in random places before the floor sanding, and attempted to make the kitchen look as pleasant as possible. During one of my trips outside to the garbage cans, I found our sleep number bed stacked neatly on the exam room porch (we have two small porches off the back of the house, and the exam room porch seems to be the Universal Deposit Area For Unannounced Deliveries) and moved it inside. It could have been around this time that I pulled the Achilles tendon, but I don’t know for sure.

The parade itself was longer than last year’s, and the overall tone was a little more PC than last year’s: there was no POW-MIA float with a bamboo cage and coolie-hat, AK-toting ‘Vietcong’ guard. The huge Reagan stuffed puppet did not make a return appearance. However, the Governor and his lousy hair showed up with a gaggle of sign-toting supporters and three Secret Service Suburbans in tow (no doubt scanning the crowd for hidden Catonsville sleeper cells) and there was a ‘float’ sponsored by a local Gentleman’s Club: a six-wheeled, shit-brown Hummer H2, followed by the Hustler Honey or whatever they call the local talent, astride a Harley chopper with a huge “FOR SALE” sign on the side. There’s nothing like free publicity, even when your model is three sizes too big for her leather ass-chaps. A wholesome family event, indeed.

Overall, though, the parade was fun, and it felt good to sit in the sunshine and enjoy the day.

* * *

I finally took five minutes to figure out why the detail popups on my design pages weren’t working; some bad CSS implementation and a gremlin in the HTML b0rked the script, so the page hasn’t been working for about six months now (d’oh!)

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5 Responses to Future Proof.

  1. Hey, if you’re gonna be driven nuts by Reg and Bernie, you may as well get the details right.

  2. ren says:

    Thanks, Todd…it was driving me crazy too. Bill, do you like it better knowing that it’s “Philadelphia FREEDOM?”

  3. tbtine says:

    Wow. I’m disappointed on three fronts.

    First and foremost, I am ashamed that I am married to a man who didn’t know the correct name of that song.

    Second, Reagan was most definitely there, enjoying the same seat he had last year on the cab roof of the truck full of Republobots immediately following the Gov.

    Third, I can’t believe that you are not as offended by “Frenchie”, the obvious slam on French people everywhere, riding in the back of a camouflage jeep with a Vichy 54mi sign for a grill. How could you miss the beret? The crooked pipe? The vest over the white shirt? And how, in all of heaven, did you manage to miss him waving around a half-empty bottle of red wine?

    Your version of PC and mine are obviously completely different, mon cher.

    (and your html isn’t working on my computer)

  4. the idiot says:

    1. Cut me some fucking slack, people, it’s not on the Greatest Hits album. And no, I think I probably dislike it even more.

    2. Must have missed him.

    3. He made me laugh my ass off, personally. But I can see why some folks may have been offended.

  5. Let’s not forget Elton’s tribute to a certain star of “Who’s the Boss?”

    “…Hold me closer, Tony Danza.”