I love Lewis Black. Here is a funny, funny man, who is angrier than I am, and whose language makes my potty mouth look sound like Miss Manners in comparison.

* * *

A hearty, heartfelt FUCK YOU to the suit at Adobe who decided to bust the Apple—H command for “Hide Photoshop”. I estimate you’ve destroyed about 20% of my productivity. I hope you got a nice fat bonus, you prick.

* * *

I got my first comment spam through Moveable Type last night from some home mortgage company. Luckily, MT emails me whenever I get a new comment, so I was able to ban the IP and delete the comment in about three seconds. Still, that crap is annoying.

* * *

Some of the gloop I was encountering on my Powerbook, I think, was due to the lovely iChat application doing something stupid. Like eating up all the available processor cycles so that I could get dumb chat messages from stupid college students. So it’s now turned off for good. Can you tell I hate Instant Messaging?

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  1. Fool says:

    Lewis Black rocks my world. Just thought I’d share…