• Travel arangements for the two days we’re not staying in bed and breakfasts: Made. I reserved a simple econo-style hotel for the day we arrive, figuring we’d just want to crash after a day of travel. Plus, it’s next to the airport and our rental car for the week. The hotel for our final night is a four-star in Limerick across from the Bunratty Castle.
  • Car reservation to get us from Dublin back to Shannon for our plane ride home: Check. It’s an automatic economy… I was afraid to get anything larger for fear of the Irish country roads.
  • 620 film for the antique Kodak cameras: Delivered this afternoon. I’m happy it got here so fast-I was afraid it would arrive the day we left.
  • Floor update: He’ll probably be at the house through the weekend, although we’ll find out more tomorrow morning. We’ll have to arrange for somebody to come set the alarm. It’ll be great to come home to a finished floor.
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