There’s all this crap on the news about shark attacks this week. Does anybody remember four years ago, when there were all kinds of hysterical reports about shark attacks? Something else happened, and we forgot all about it.

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3 Responses to Now I’m Worried.

  1. zenchick says:

    Not all of us forgot about it.

    For some of is, it changed our lives.

    (and two summers ago, I remember also hearing that there were no more shark attacks that summer than any other summer…the news was just jumping on it.)

  2. Are you saying an increase in shark attacks is a predictor for a terrorist attack?

  3. the idiot says:

    I’m saying that in 2001, all anybody could THINK about were shark attacks. Newscasters were losing their minds trying to interview the poor folks that were bitten, and then, boom.

    Considering the gub’mint hasn’t come up with any consistent predictor of a terrorist attack besides a useless list of pretty colors, I’ll let you infer what you want.