Due to a fierce electrical storm yesterday, there will be no Ireland trip update today. We got home from work to a house with no power, and as my bride has already mentioned, it was not restored until the wee hours of the morning. (I have a vague recollection of the transformer blowing, and another foggy memory of the lamp next to my head snapping on. I had no idea the BGE guy was outside clomping through the backyard, however.)

Todd and Heather stopped by work yesterday with the kids, so Nate and I sat and played house for an hour or so while the triplets were fed and changed. Heather looks great (sorry I didn’t mention it to you, girl) and the kids have grown dramatically since the last time I saw them. I even got to meet Emmett for the first time (he hadn’t been sprung from the Big House the last time we visited.) I also got to huff the top of Calia’s fuzzy head for about two solid minutes—there’s nothing better than fresh baby smell to put a smile on your face. To quote Dooce: MMMM, BABY HEAD.

Declan's hands

Today I picked up that G3 from Craigslist and brought it to work for some formatting: a 350mhz/firewire unit with low mileage. It should be good for the time being until I can get something better on the desk—we spent more dinero in Ireland than we thought, so July is going to be pretty tight. Tonight I have to Frankenstein it together with the G4 to get a working unit up and running.

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  1. ren says:

    Didn’t I give you guys my old tan G3? I hope so, or it’ a melted pile of plastic in the attic.