It’s 7:53. Jen and I were both awake a full hour early, laying in bed together and trying to wish away Monday morning. Having three days to basically fuck off before returning to work was good; it would have been better if Baltimore wasn’t a hot sweaty armpit and we hadn’t just returned from the land of sunny 60° weather. (Waaaah waaaah waaaah.)

I love my wife for many reasons, one of which is that she made coffee this morning, another of which is that we both took a groggy minute to write about the impending sense of doom we’re both feeling. (Imagine two adults in an empty room, sipping coffee and typing on laptops. It looks like a spread from a high-concept design magazine, except for the piles of unopened mail, dust bunnies, and socks laying around us.)

The lawn is finally mowed, the garden has been partly weeded, and we moved the dining room table back where it belongs. Jen’s raised bed is out of control. We have a tomato plant that’s 6′ high. Other than that, we’ve been deliciously lazy: a vacation from our vacation. Last night, my bride treated me to a dozen crabs and a couple of Coronas, and that made Sunday night a lot brighter.

More trip updates are forthcoming; I took yesterday off.

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  1. Linds says:

    Reading about your trip is very interesting. Also the pics are awesome. Thank you!