We are going to visit with Todd and Heather and Declan and Callie tonight. Todd called and asked if we could be in charge of food delivery, and we readily accepted. They’re springing the first two kids from the Big House tonight, and they’re no doubt going to have their hands full. Jen spent a bunch of time putting together a menu collection of takeout food from around the city, and put it in a binder as a shower gift, with the added offer of takeout delivery. Bring over some barbecue and make googly-moogly eyes at the babies? NO PROBLEM. We’ll take lots of pictures…

* * *

In other news, I did a ton of backend work here at Idiot Central yesterday during lunch. Most of it you won’t notice, but it will make my life a hell of a lot easier. One thing you will notice is that a search will return results from both the main site and the Interesting Links sidebar. I also formatted the IL archive so that it’s all on one page. The result pages need some tweaking as well as the individual result pages, but it’s nice to have everything looking (mostly) consistent.

Meanwhile, the G4 tower at home is making bad noises. A little sleuthing reveals the power supply fan is dying-from what I’ve read, a common complaint for that particular model. Now I’m faced with the decision: Repair a 4-year-old machine I’m already into for $400 (the cheapest replacement power supply I can find is $215) or buy a new Mini at four times the speed for $800. Meanwhile, this here Powerbook keeps chugging along like the absolute champ she is, at a poky 400mhz. I’d love to upgrade to a new iBook. Actually, before the G4 decided to get sick, that was the plan. But now I may have to wait a bit longer.

I think I’m going to punt until after we get back from Ireland—that’s kind of our defacto attitude right now anyway—but I’m bummed out about spending all that money.

* * *

And while we’re talking about punting, we’ve placed the kitchen floor on hiatus until after Ireland as well. Instead of knocking myself out trying to get the cabinets removed and floor stripped by Monday Morning, we’re going to leave it until we have a gameplan (which very well may involve some kind of laminate) and try to make this weekend a little more relaxed than Memorial Day was.

* * *

Finally, I got inspired by a link I saw on Mike’s site to order some more 620 film for my black and white cameras for the Ireland trip. I can’t think of a better place to get all artsy-fartsy than the Auld Sod.

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