I’d better find a way to sleep on my lunch break, because the next three weeks are going to be brutal. We have the following events scheduled for the days leading up to our trip to Ireland:

  • Having the first floor sanded, which will take four days and require
  • Removing the floor-standing cabinets, sink, and stove from the kitchen in order to
  • Pull up two layers of linoleum down to the bare wood beneath.
  • Oh, and move all our furniture out onto the front porch, don’t forget that.
  • Then, there’s travelling by plane to North Carolina the weekend before our overseas trip for the Lockard Reunion, and
  • Somehow fit life, freelance, and a few beers in between.

We are doomed.

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3 Responses to The Marathon.

  1. Linda says:

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  2. xlt says:

    Do. Or do not.

    There is no try.

  3. brain candy says:

    This will be a great conversation:

    “What did you see in Ireland?”

    “Ceiling. Oh yeah, and the inside bottom of several pint glasses.”

    Isn’t that a lot of airfare to find a damp place to sleep? 😉

    Good luck with the prep. Your home gets more gorgeous with each activity.