The other day, I checked my account balance online only to find the same seventeen dollars that was present the day before. We’re supposed to get this righteous tax refund check, you see, and then we’re going to turn around and give that money to a company with great big sanding machines, and they’re going to do some sanding-fu on our floors and then stain them and finally polyurethane, and we’ll all be happy. Unfortunately, yesterday the Gubmint decided to deposit the money into Jen’s account, so I was waiting in vain.

Regardless, the money has arrived, and if we can manage not to blow anything up or spend it on anything stupid, the flooring company is going to come out and make our house pretty.

Which means Project Bedroom is on indefinite hold and Project Remove Kitchen Linoleum has moved to the head of the schedule (but not before Operation Restore Shade Garden has been sucessfully completed this weekend.)

Words cannot describe how excited Jen and I are for this.

Date posted: May 10, 2005 | Filed under house | Comments Off on The Great Leap Forward.

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